above board

a bit much

about face

to get above oneself

absence makes the heart grow fonder

in the abstract

on the edge of the abyss

with one accord

there’s no accounting for taste

the ace in the hole/pack

the acid test 

to catch someone in the act

I don’t know him from Adam

agony aunt

ahead of the pack


to turn the air blue

to be rolling in the aisles

a OK

an albatross around one's neck

to be right up someone’s alley

ambulance chaser

the answer to a maiden’s prayer

he has ants in his pants

to go ape

a poor man's something

the big apple

as sure as (God made) little green apples

the apple of discord

to be the apple of someone’s eye

out of the Ark

as long as your/my arm

to cost an arm and a leg

to keep someone at arm's length

he can’t tell his arse from his elbow

as the actress said to the bishop

to bust one’s ass

to give someone the ax

to have an ax to grind

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