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to be a piece of cake

to take the cake

to have one’s cake and eat it

a can of worms

not to be worth the candle

to burn the candle at both ends

not to hold a candle to someone

if the cap fits wear it

to be on the carpet

to put the cart before the horse

an open-and-shut case


cash on the barrelhead

to build castles in the air/in Spain

he thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers

not to have a cat in hell’s chance

there’s not enough/no room to swing a cat

to let the cat out of the bag

to see which way the cat jumps

a cat may look at a king

to catch someone with his pants/trousers down

I don’t have a red cent

it isn’t worth a red cent

to be as different as chalk and cheese

big cheese

hard cheese

to cut the cheese

to chew the fat/rag

a chip off the old block

to have a chip on one’s shoulder

when the chips are down

to come out of the closet

to be on cloud nine

in the (pudding) club

at the coalface

to carry coals to Newcastle

the coast is clear

to blow the cobwebs away

to think one’s the cock of the walk

to get hot under the collar

let’s see the colour of your money

with flying colors

to be chief cook and bottle-washer

that’s the way the cookie crumbles

as bald as a coot

till/until the cows come home

as the crow flies

to pass in a crowd

to be cruel to be kind

to be someone’s cup of tea

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