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to laugh on the other side of one’s face

a face as long as a fiddle

to keep a straight face

fair and square

fair to middling

to act in good faith

to act in bad faith



familiarity breeds contempt

to fan the flames

the fat is in the fire

to chew the fat

like father, like son

a feather in one’s cap

to show the white feather

to sit on the fence

as fit as a fiddle

to be all fingers and thumbs

to burn one’s fingers

to give someone the finger

to have a finger in every pie

to have sticky fingers

to put two fingers up at someone

to work one’s fingers to the bone

first come, first served

like a fish out of water

there are plenty more fish in the sea

to be a big fish in a small pond

to be a little fish in a big pond

to have other fish to fry

neither fish, flesh, no fowl

if the shoe/cap fits wear it

an old flame

a flash in the pan

to flip one’s lid/top

the fly in the ointment

there are no flies on her/him

to be a fly on the wall

food for thought

to get cold feet (about something)

to get off on the wrong foot

to have itchy/itching feet

to put one’s foot in it

out of the frying pan into the fire

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