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to be as mad as a hatter

to be as mad as a March hare

to be low man on the totem pole

to lose one’s marbles

you can tell that to the marines!

the real McCoy

the meat and potatoes

one man’s meat is another man’s poison


to have a memory like a sieve

to make do and mend

there’s method in her/his madness

to take the mickey (out of someone)

for the love of Mike!

to go the extra mile

it’s no use crying over spilt milk

to go through the mill

great minds think alike

to be in/of two minds about something

a miss is as good as a mile

to miss the boat/bus

it’s money for jam

it’s money for old rope

money talks

brass monkey weather

not to give a monkey’s

never in a month of Sundays

once in a blue moon

to be over the moon

down in the mouth

mum’s the word

to keep mum

to face the music

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