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to fit someone to a T

to turn the tables

to get down to brass tacks

to tell tales out of school

it takes two to tango

to leave a bad taste in the mouth

there’s no accounting for taste

not for all the tea in China

a tempest in a teapot


through thick and thin

to be as thick as thieves

to have second thoughts (about something)

to be all thumbs

to be all fingers and thumbs

to be under someone’s thumb

to be (just) the ticket

to be tickled pink

to be fit to be tied

a night on the tiles

time and tide wait for no man

to be behind the times

not to give someone the time of day

to pass the time of day (with someone)

not to give a tinker’s damn/cuss

on one’s tod

to toe the line/mark

he can’t act/sing for toffee

every Tom, Dick and Harry

to bite one’s tongue

to say something (with) tongue in cheek

to be long in the tooth

to be sick to the teeth (of something)

to have a sweet tooth

to lie through one’s teeth

to go out on the town

to carry a torch for someone

to argue the toss

to go to town on something

to paint the town red

town and gown

off the beaten track

money doesn’t grow on trees

to be barking up the wrong tree

you/one can’t see the forest/wood for the trees

to work like a Trojan

to be off one’s trolley

to have the trots

(the) truth will out

to call the tune

a young Turk

now there’s a turnup for the books!

in the twinkling of an eye

to put two and two together

to put two and two together and make five

two can play at that game

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